Why Buy From Us

Neon Apostle is first and foremost an arm of the Church. As such, we carry out the Christian mandate through our line of products. Below are some of the ways we uphold that mandate:

  • The 50% Bible Project

    50% of shareholder profits go towards the production and distribution of Bibles. We believe we’re here to achieve an apostolic mandate, and as such, 50% represents our partnership with God who has an equal stake at this company. Each Bible is no more than USD3 per unit. Just as God is all-inclusive in His Grace, these include the production of solar-powered audio Bibles for those who have yet to achieve literacy.

  • Pioneering Print Techniques

    Modern printing techniques allow us to pioneered fresh Christian designs on apparel pieces like shoes, all-over hoodies and leggings — a world first. 

  • Faith-Inspired Designs

    Our designs include some made by some of the top up-and-coming designers. More importantly, each design is more than just make an artistic statement, it’s one made with a lot of thought and creative expression of beautiful Biblical principles. Neon Apostle's aim is to bless each owner with a stylish, impactful piece of clothing or gift. 

  • Ministerial Partnerships

    We have exclusive partnerships with some of the most impactful ministries on the planet. 

  • Fair Pricing

    In furtherance of the Kingdom of God, our products are fairly priced for both our customers and partners in this business, whether they be our designers, producers and even our staff, while allowing us to achieve the Christian Mandate.

    By supporting us, you too would be embarking upon a journey to further God’s Kingdom by helping us reach those who have yet to be reached. Check out what we have in store for you today at Neon Apostle.