We Believe

We Believe

We believe in God, the Father Almighty
We believe in Jesus, God’s only Son
We believe in the Holy Spirit, which resides in our hearts.

We believe that we are created in God’s image
that all men are created equal
that we should do right by every one
that none should be exploited

We believe that should strive to be more Christlike
that we do things the right way
that we do things with integrity
that we be honest

We believe in bringing the Kingdom of God into the world
We believe in the Christian mandate
to bring light into the world
to chase away the dark

We believe in a creative God
that he is the creator of all things
that he made all things unique
that we too are to push the boundaries of expression

We believe that God’s presence is in all places
that it is in the Seven Mountains
that we have always been His apostles in these places
in the past, present and forevermore

We are the Neon Apostle.