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ANNOUNCING: The World’s First Christian Shoe Brand

Neon Apostle Capitalises on the Trend of Athletes Writing Their Faith on Shoes By Taking Things One Step Further

World's First Christian Shoe Brand

Christian-themed apparel and gifts are nothing new. Cheesy ones, even more so. Neon Apostle steps back from the status quo – by first paving the way to faith-based designs find their way into designer footwear market, and as well as serving up faith-based designs that are vivid, groundbreaking and inspiring.

“NBA Baller Stephen Curry is a hero of mine, ” remarks Kenneth Yu, founder of Neon Apostle. He adds, “So when he started to put Bible verses on his shoe, I came to realize that Christian-themed footwear is legit expression of my faith. Plus, there’s a lot of Bible Verses that talk about feet, so the association was only natural.”

Neon Apostle is a Singapore-based e-commerce company whose founders come from the same church - with varied backgrounds in branding, design, internet marketing and product creation.

So what inspired the Neon Apostle designs?

“I’d always been both a Christian and a sneaker-head, and I didn’t want to toe the line on Christian-themed designs being drab and badly done. I want to take these 2 seemingly opposite worlds and combine them into something beautiful.” He exclaims, “The Christian faith has a rich artistic history and stunning motifs. The streetwear brand aims to not just pay homage, but to create new ways of visualizing the faith. “ 

Why the name Neon Apostle? Yu replies, “the word Apostle – while associated with the church – is actually a secular Ancient Roman term. It’s applied to government officials whose main focus is to promote and enforce Roman culture. In other words, being a Apostle means to be an ambassador of kingdom values.” He chuckles, “Neon on the other hand, just means to highlight your faith in a cool and trendy way.”

And judging from the thousands of social media shares and interest from countries far and wide like the US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Africa, Neon Apostle has definitely stumbled across a hungry market looking for new ways to show off their faith. Neon Apostle hopes the church at large will fall head-over-heels in love with the shoes.


About Neon Apostle:

Neon Apostle is a Singapore-based E-commerce company that specialises in Christian-themed designer footwear and streetwear. The company’s aim is to give the church a leg up in terms of expressing the faith in trendy and innovative ways.

Neon Apostle currently has a limited run of only 199 pairs per design. To celebrate this historical event, the website is running a 57% launch discount for all new buyers.


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